Our Leadership Team

Pastor Bob Sugden

Pastor Bob Sugden came to us in August 2003. He and his wife, Renee’, have 3 adult children–all girls, all married, all living faithfully for the Lord. Pastor Bob was brought up in a Navy family (the oldest of 7 children) and then served in the United States Air Force for 21 years before becoming a pastor. (He has lived in Two Rivers longer than he has ever lived any place else in the world!) He enjoys wood-working, reading, and garage-sale-ing. (Call early on a Saturday morning and he will gladly join you in a full day of running all over the borough buying other people’s junk!)

Mary Hiller
(Steward–Dare to Care Ministry Director)

I’ve lived in Two Rivers for 24 years with my husband Gary, in the same home. Together we have 4 children and 10 grandchildren, 3 of our children live here in Alaska, one lives in Heaven.

I’ve been very active in our church for many years. My love for my Lord and Savior has helped me in many areas as a servant to Him and His church., PTL.

My many talents have been working with the children of our area. I’ve enjoyed sharing my love of Jesus with the children.

Now that I’m a senior the Lord has been directing me in different ways. I love to encourage people and uplift their spirits. I also lift peoples needs, request to my Lord who hears our prayers Philippians 4:6.

I really enjoy to sewing, gardening, crafting. Now I have time!

I also lead a Ladies TEE group (Time of Encouragement and Edification) that meets once a month ,on a Tuesday, as an outreach in our community. My Lord and Savior has called me into this ministry. A time to share our lives and to know each other better. Sharing finger foods, coffee, Tea.

I enjoy sending greeting cards to people. Hoping this will share how much they are loved and cared about.

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Evelyn Horne
(SDMI Adult Ministries Director)

Joyce Putnam
(SDMI Children’s Ministry Director)

Renee’ Sugden
NMI President (Missions Education/Support)

Renae Temperle
Pastoral Care Team Member (Steward)–Director, Local Compassionate Care Ministry

Elsie Stormont–Pastoral Care Team Member–Director, Body Builders Ministry










Marlene Wright–Trustee–Grounds Manager









Beverly Wright (Pastoral Care Team Member (Steward) Director, Prayer Ministry

Beverly Wright (Pastoral Care Team Member (Steward) Director, Prayer Ministry











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