Posted by: Pastor Bob Sugden | August 23, 2014

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jog

Saturday, Aug 23 @ 9:33am

Renee’ and I visited Alma and Mr. Fix-it yesterday morning a little before noon.  He had been moved to a new room in the Cardiac Care Unit at Providence Hospital.  He had been up and walking (a little bit) that morning and was just about to eat his lunch when we arrived.  

When we asked how he was doing, he responded, “Okay.  I’m struggling a little bit.”  Which, in Mr. Fix-it language, means he’s feeling pretty rough.  Alma said that his white blood cell count was  elevated.  This means his body is trying to fight off some infection.  He showed me his incision; it looks really good and seems to be healing nicely.

Renee’ and I then left to drive home to Fairbanks.  We arrived home around 10:00pm last night and fell right into bed.  We had a breakfast appointment this morning with a former professor and his wife who are visiting from Colorado Springs.  And, now, are trying to get things back to normal.

Alma has taken up the mantle of reporting on Mr. Fix-it’s condition.  You can read about it on their Facebook page.  Here’s the link:

Please continue pray for both Mr. Fix-it and Alma.  He needs healing, strength, and protection from infection.  She needs emotional and physical strength.  She is really struggling with pain as she has to walk great distances using her cane.

Okay, I’ll sign off for now.  Thanks for praying!


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