Posted by: Pastor Bob Sugden | August 21, 2014

He Did Not Wanna Wake Up!

Wednesday, Aug 20 @ 4:15pm

Alma and Pastor Bob went back into the ICU room to see Mr. Fix-it.  (Renee’ isn’t able to go because she has a cough.  We can’t be too careful in protecting Mr. Fix-it from infection!)  The ICU nurse on duty told us that Mr. Fix-it is doing great!  Everything is progressing normally.

The next phase in this process is to get Mr. Fix-it off of the anesthesia and remove the ventilator.  The ventilator has to stay in place until Mr. Fix-it is conscious enough to breathe on his own.  While we were in the room the nurse and Alma continually called out his name and tried to get him to open his eyes.  He responded with movement and almost opened his eyes once.  But, he wasn’t quite ready to give up on his nap.

Alma said she was tired and wanted to go back to her room for the night.  She plans to sleep in tomorrow morning.  We said our goodbyes to Mr. Fix-it.  The nurse assured us that she would have him off the ventilator by the end of her shift (7:30pm).

Good night, everybody.  Thanks, again, for your prayers.  Keep ’em coming ’cause God is listening and answering.  And, a huge thank you goes to our Heavenly Father for His loving care and healing touch on behalf of Mr. Fix-it.


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