Posted by: Pastor Bob Sugden | August 20, 2014

Thank God For Answered Prayer

Wednesday, Aug 20 @ 11:29am

The surgical nurse has informed us that Mr. Fix-it is all fixed!  (They finished about an hour earlier than they anticipated.)  During the surgery, Mr. Fix-it was hooked up to a heart and lung pump.  At this point, he has been disconnected and his own heart is now functioning on its own.  (This is a very good thing.)  They will monitor his heart for leaks over the course of the next hour.  Then, they plan to move him to a room in the ICU.  The nurse asked Alma to move to the ACC Waiting Room by 12:00pm.  The surgeon plans to meet her there within the next hour.  He will then give her a full debrief of the surgery.

Thank you all for your prayers.  Even more, we thank God for the providential care over Mr. Fix-it and his family.


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