Posted by: Pastor Bob Sugden | June 29, 2010

Of The Best Laid Plans of Mice & Men

How many of you made plans for today?  (I did.)  How many of you are seeing your plans come to fruition?  (I’m not.)  😦

I have been trying to find the time to finish a project that was started last summer by the Work & Witness team.  What is the project?  I’m glad you asked.  I’m installing a planter box/retaining wall in front of the parsonage.  Last year the W&W team installed the retaining wall.   I am now trying to finish the planter box.  I spent many back-breaking hours yesterday digging the trench to install the concrete blocks that make up the wall.  (The blocks are the diamond-shaped kind that lock together at the back.)  I finished the trench last night and planned to lay the pea gravel and the blocks today.  Then, finally, I would be able to prepare the soil in the planter and, by the end of the summer, fill the planter with low-maintenance plants that are natural to the Interior of Alaska.  (It’s called xero-scaping.  It’s a type of gardening that provides beauty without a lot of maintenance/watering.)

I awoke this morning feeling a little stiff, but motivated to get the planter box completed.  I looked out the window to find that it is raining.  So, now the question arises.  Do I continue with my plans and just work in the rain?  (Actually, it’s a miserable drizzle.)  Or, do I put the work off to another day and choose another project (there are many) that can be done indoors on a rainy day.

Quite honestly, my body is sore and tired.  It welcomes the idea of not going back outside and working on the planter box.  But, that is the easy route.  What’s a little rain?  How will it harm me to work in the rain?  It will make things a little more uncomfortable, but it won’t stop me from accomplishing me planned activity.

As I sit here trying to make my decision, a thought rises–what does this situation have to say about my walk with Christ?  As I am trying to live out my daily life and some rain (minor obstacle) appears on the scene.  What should my response be?  Should I just press on in the direction I was headed?  Should I change my direction?  Should I stop and wait until I see the obstacle removed?

The obvious answer is that I should pray and ask the Lord what His plan/purpose is.  Does He still want me to continue in the path I have been on?  Is the obstacle that has appeared in my path a message from Him to make a change?  Is the obstacle in my path a hindrance placed there by the enemy of my soul?  It would be fool-hardy of me to just press on through/around the obstacle without first seeking the Lord’s guidance.  But, it would be just as fool-hardy to abandon my plans.  Just because an obstacle has appeared before me, it doesn’t mean I have to stop everything I am doing and totally rework my plan.  But, sitting, waiting, and doing nothing while I wait for the obstacle to be removed is just as fool-hardy.  That would be another way the enemy could stop me from accomplishing that which the Father has asked me to do.

So, what should my response be?  What should I do the next time an obstacle appears in my path when I am trying to live out my faith?  I should take time to reflect and seek the Lord’s guidance.  Once I am convinced of His will and purpose, I should press on in the direction He chooses even if it means living with the obstacle for a while.

And, what will I do about the planter box?  Well, as much as my body would rather I do otherwise, I am going out there and getting the job done.  The rain won’t hurt me.  As a matter of fact, it might be nice to not be “hot and sweaty” while I work.

Soli Gloria Deo!


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